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We love games and we love to connect with people who love games too. Games and gamification provide compelling ways of creating purposeful and meaningful experiences. When we're not working on our own ideas, we can help you to develop yours. Speak to us about making your game-based project come to life.



Our skills base includes instructional design, teaching and assessment, as well as game design and development. Play and 'make believe' experiences gave you fast and enjoyable learning gains as a child. Why stop now, just because you're an adult? So if your big idea is for an engaging and effective learning experience, we can help.



Play is good. It gets things done and connects us to others in a positive way. We want to explore all forms of play and how it can be a force for good. We'll start with games (digital and traditional), gamification and play events (yes, also for grown-ups). Then we'll wait for you to suggest something else and we'll try that too.

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About us

Games for Good was formed in early 2013 with some very simple aims. We want to be part of something worthwhile, providing products and services we can be proud of, and having fun along the way. In our book, fun is not a synonym for 'frivolous' or 'time-wasting'. A gameful approach can be taken to even the most serious of human issues. We want to explore the potential for games in areas such as learning, personal achievement, community cohesion, collaboration and philanthropy.

Driven by our own personal need to learn and innovate, we aim to provide an environment in which ideas can thrive and be realised, whether they be ours or those of our collaborators. We would rather share than be proprietary. Ideas which are kept in cages may not actually wither and die, but they never become as magnificent as they could.

Inspired by a love of games and play, and by the work of Jane McGonigal and others, we want to build something which will bring value to our clients and collaborators and will earn us an honest profit without causing harm to others.

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