Business as Usual Learning Workshop

This is a hands-on workshop designed for small businesses and other organisations. It gives a highly practical introduction to learning concepts and techniques. It makes the assumption that those within an organisation are best placed to know what learning is needed. It aims to give these people the basic tools and skills required to decide how they can implement it. It further assumes that the majority of the learning will be embedded in the day to day operations of the organisation, although this workshop will briefly cover the creation of more 'formal' learning courses and programmes. Book here

The workshop will itself be delivered using methods which attendees will be able to adapt to their own requirements, sparking off ideas for their own Business as Usual Learning. These will include:

  • Games-based learning
  • Gamification techniques
  • Experiential learning
  • Story telling and analogy
  • Examples of creativity techniques
  • Systems thinking
  • Various ideation and analysis models and techniques

Create a learning Culture

  • The characteristics of a learning culture
  • Setting effective learning aims, outcomes and objectives
  • Recognising opportunities for 'on the job' learning
  • Creating a learning intervention
  • Learning from peers and others
  • Mentoring and coaching for learning
  • Learning and performance management
  • Creating learning and assessment materials and tools
  • Evaluating the success of your efforts - ROI and moving forward

What you will do

  • Define aims, outcomes and objectives for your organisation
  • Learn something new from another participant
  • Pass on your own expertise
  • 'growth hack' a new product
  • Design a gamified 'best practice' sharing process
  • A collaborative workshop session to solve a problem presented by one participant

What you leave with

  • A clear definition of the learning needs and opportunities in your organisation
  • Access to tools and templates for creating your own plans, sessions, workshops and 'on-the-job' learning
  • An outline action plan to implement a learning culture in your organisation
  • An insight into how you can use innovative techniques to create engagement and participation
  • A method to measure the return on your efforts
  • Ideas - lots of them!

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