You want to focus on your outcomes. We can offer bespoke end-to-end services, or give you as little or as much help as you require to build your own gamification and games-based learning solutions.

Our methodology draws upon methods from several disciplines; learning, project management, games design and user experience design. It is a robust but flexible framework which allows you, the client, to use your own personnel and expertise where appropriate to ensure a solution which delivers your outcomes in the most cost effective way. Use our design and development tools, workshops and masterclasses, and as much or as little of our time and expertise as you want.

An alternative to this would be to commission us to provide you with a full end-to-end design, develop and deliver service. We have considerable experience of working with blue-chip companies to build and deliver effective games-based learning and gamification applications. This goes hand in hand with expertise in project management, UX design, board game and computer game design and implementation, teaching and facilitation and instructional design, as well as a passion for the potential of play and games as tools for achievement.

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The most important stage of any learning or game project is design. It is here where you clarify your outcomes and put in place the measurement criteria which will ensure success.

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We offer a number of workshops and courses, open to everyone, which teach the fundamentals of games-based learning design, games creation and gamification. We also have a wide range of resources and tools which you are free to use in your own projects. Training is available in the use of these, and we can can run in-house design workshops for you.

For You

We believe that transparency and accountability are key in successfully delivering on a client's brief. Ask about our Games-based learning methodology for our commitment on how we will work on your project. Detailed analysis and design will comprise the majority of effort in any given project.


The 'fun bit'. After all the efforts in design, finally, you have something tangible to look at. Our focus in development is to maximise the potential of immersion and engagement for your participants by producing high quality materials which encourage exploration of the learning themes.

With You

The design documentation and tools will be made available to you, if you wish to use in-house expertise during the development phase of your project. We can offer help, expertise and recommendations as and when required.

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We have experience in developing classroom interventions with tabletop games, virtual deliveries using apps, online games and webinars and asynchronous courses using LMSs and other platforms. Using a 'one source' approach to materials and tools, we will ensure that you are able to be as flexible as needed in the formats and delivery of required learning materials.


One important commitment we make to you, throughout our work with you is that we will deliver what you asked for. Our post-delivery evaluation goes way beyond 'happy sheets', to ensure that the project has delivered the value you wanted, and to feed back into any further development.

With You

If you chose to deliver your learning intervention yourself, we can help with logistics, Train the Trainer and any other practical considerations you may have.

For You

Our facilitators are trained and experienced coaches and facilitators, who have delivered learning in areas such as Leadership, Sustainability, Strategic planning and execution, Critical thinking, and many other personal and professional development themes. In addition to this, we have access to partner facilitators with expertise in Forum Theatre and other forms of interactive learning delivery.

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