Recognising and Formulating Arguments

This is a hands-on workshop designed for those who need to communicate with stakeholders either in written or spoken forms. It is also designed to help you evaluate what other people say to you. The course equips professionals to spot logical inconsistencies in information presented to them, to make better informed decisions and filter out 'noise'. It is also ideal for those who produce information in their day to day work. It will help you to present convincing arguments, use examples well to provide solid support for the points you make, and avoid inconsistencies. Write better copy and make your blog posts and other content stand out in a crowded marketplace. Book here

The workshop will cover a number of important critical thinking concepts, and will be delivered by the use of practical exercises, giving you a thorough grounding in the use and abuse of written and spoken information in the workplace. These will include:

  • Recognising and evaluating an argument in written material
  • Using analysis techniques on arguments
  • Credibility discussion
  • The Assumptions game - spot the gaps in an argument
  • Spotting weaknesses and flaws in written material
  • Writing an opinion-based post
  • Evaluating each other's writing

Course content

  • Argument elements; conclusion, reasons and more
  • Evidence and examples
  • Drawing and using argument maps
  • Credibility criteria (Reputation, Ability to See, Vested Interest, Expertise, Neutrality)
  • Assumptions in arguments
  • Flaws and Weaknesses
  • Spotting a fallacy
  • Strength of support for an argument
  • Plausibility

What you will do

  • Analyse and evaluate written material
  • Learn about and apply analysis techniques
  • Participate in group discussions of material
  • Write an opinion piece which you can use back at work
  • Present constructive criticism of the written work of others
  • Create an action plan for applying techniques back at work

What you leave with

  • An action plan for producing content
  • Access to tools and templates for creating your own content and analysing material presented to you
  • A workbook to revise the activities carried out in class
  • A useful glossary of critical thinking terms
  • A 15% discount voucher for bookings for subsequent Games for Good courses
  • Ideas for how to apply your new skill - lots of them!

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