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If our open-learning events are not what you need, work with us to create your our bespoke learning intervention.

In addition to our own open courses, we can work with you to create bespoke learning programmes and courses. No project is too small or too large, from a half day course to a full learning programme comprising classroom events, assessment centres, online content delivery and on-the-job extended learning.

Our experience in Instructional Design, teaching and training mean that we can work with you at every stage to produce a well designed learning intervention which meets your stated objectives, delivers a memorable experience for participants, and represents real return on your investment. Our Games-based learning methodology details how we work and our conmmitment to you on deliverables.

What we do


We use recognised project management techniques and appropriate instructional design models, depending on your target audience and proposed delivery method.

With You

We offer a number of workshops and courses, open to everyone, which teach the fundamentals of games-based learning design, games creation and gamification. We also have a wide range of resources and tools which you are free to use in your own projects. Training is available in the use of these, and we can can run in-house design workshops for you.

For You

Detailed and meticulous analysis of your desired outcomes mean that you can be confident that the solutions we propose are appropriate. Our focus is on delivering your results, not on pushing product.


Careful and thorough design means that the development of your learning programme will be straightforward and that it will be clear to see where our expertise is required, and where you can handle development in house.

With You

The design documentation and tools will be made available to you, if you wish to use in-house expertise during the development phase of your project. Templates for Schemes of Work, Lesson Plans, participant workbooks and other learning materials are available here. We can offer help, expertise and recommendations as and when required.

For You

We have experience in developing classroom interventions with tabletop games, virtual deliveries using apps, online games and webinars and asynchronous courses using LMSs and other platforms. Using a 'one source' approach to materials and tools, we will ensure that you are able to be as flexible as needed in the formats and delivery of required learning materials.


Whether you require classroom delivery or online asynchromous competitive games, or anything in between, we can do it all for you, or work with your own SMEs and facilitators.

With You

If you chose to deliver your learning intervention yourself, we can help with logistics, Train the Trainer and any other practical considerations you may have.

For You

Our facilitators are trained teachers in the Learning and Skills (Adult Education) sector, with experience of delivering courses in Business and Finance areas, Psychology, Critical Thinking, IT and Computing and many other topics. In addition to this, we have access to partner facilitators with expertise in Forum Theatre and other forms of interactive learning delivery.

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