Why the differentiation between 'Play' and 'Games' you might ask. What can Play offer that Games cannot, and how might I use it?

Play, while related to games, comprises more open-ended activities, often involving make-believe and the creation of new realities. Generally less structured and rule bound than games, it encourages problem solving, exploration and (self) discovery. As Stuart Brown, from the National Institute of Play, says, "Play leads to brain plasticity, adaptability and creativity. Nothing fires up the brain like play."

Play is not just for children, although we will be delighted to organise play events for birthday parties. Play can have practical 'grown-up' applications too. It is an ideal medium through which to explore themes like team building or leadership, or just as an alternative to the office party. The use of play can (and should) move beyond one-off events. A playful culture is a requirement if you want employees who display imagination and are able to innovate. Let us help you work {play) towards that ideal.

What we do


Purposeful play requires careful design. We can draw upon a wealth of experience to design the perfect play event - whatever your requirement.

With you

We can help you at any stage of your play event organisation, from initial ideas generations, through event design and creation to delivery. We have exactly as much or as little involvement as you want.

For you

Whether you want to use one of our off-the-shelf 'in a box' events or want us build something new from scratch, we can can cater for your requirements for a fun, engaging experience which your participants will remember for years to come.


Play events can be as simple or as complex as you wish - requiring basic equipment and organisation or complex logistics, custom made kit and lots of staff.

With you

Have your own ideas, but not all the time or skill sets required to execute them? Then use us to fill in the gaps, whether it be story development, materials and equipment creation or venue preparation.

For you

We may have an already existing play event that is suitable for your needs, but if not, we can develop games and participant materials, and even source costumes and props if needed.

Our Larping in a Box game system will help you to create your own creative and educational play events.


Whether you want a day of intense competition, a narrative based story event, an epic quest. treasure hunt, an immersive learning experience or a voyage of self-discovery - play is the perfect way to engage and captivate.

With you

Draw upon our experience, to help you to deliver your event. Suitable for everything from birthday parties and other celebrations, to corporate away days or learning days. From short bursts of fun to whole day experiences.

For you

We can provide the materials, personnel and everything else you need for your perfect play event. You can leave the whole project to us, even venue and catering arrangements.

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