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The lego workers who have been putting this site together have finally given in to the inevitable fact that Pig Latin is not the new language of business, and have therefore taken the step of creating an 'Under Construction' page. We were temporarily amused by Chrome's attempts to translate our shamefully unfinished pages from 'Portuguese' - but enough is enough. Content coming soon.


We are working hard to get lots of wordy goodness out to you, explaining what we can do to help you to build engaging learning experiences. In the meantime, here are some interesting books I can recommend about the subjects of Gamification, Games-Based Learning and Play. We've read them all and taken them on board, so if you want to know what's in them, but don't want to read them yourselves, then just ask.

Reality is Broken - by Jane McGonigal,
The Gamification of Learning and Instruction - by Karl M Kapp,
Rules of Play - by Katie Salen and Eric Zimmerman


Lovely pictures of shiny games products and happy participants attending learning events and fun days will soon fill this site. Until we have those, we are grateful to all those lovely people who make their excellent work available under Creative Commons attribution licenses or similar. If you like a picture you see here, check the attribution for where it came from.


One of our aims is to make this site useful to you. We want to make resources available to you which you will find fun, engaging and practical. For example, we are working on curriculum and course planning tools. If you have any ideas for what you would like to see here, let us know.

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